Structured Cabling



Category cable (link to details page) has a variety of iterations.  You may have used it in the early days and knew it as a “telephone” cable or much more recently as an “internet” cable. Category cable plays an important element to your business and personal life. 



Delivering radio signals, data, and television.  This amazing variant of cable has played a major part in our life since 1880.  Developed by an English physicist, Oliver Heaviside.  Coaxial cable (link to details page) is used as a transmission line for high frequency electrical signals. 



Fiber optic cable (link to details page) is manufactured by stretching melted silica crystals (glass) into very thin stretches of filament. The dimensions of these filaments vary.  This cable and its variants are used in the transmission of data over long distances.

New Construction


New construction can be a hassle.  Let us take some of that stress off the table. From commercial to residential.  We can accommodate any requirements and any sized project. 



Moving?  No problem!  Let’s have a chat on how we can smooth over the pains of your network migration and internet requirements.



Slow internet?  Slow transfers?  Let’s implement a new IDF (Intermittent Distribution Frame) in different locations of your business. New business location?  Let’s connect them together!

No matter how you look at it.  Cabling is a required element and long-term asset in your business.  Cabling done correctly can be aesthetically pleasing and a pleasure to work with in future projects.  Creating a very considerable monetary savings in the future if there ever was a need to expand or make changes.  Unlike messy disorganized cabling. Which can cause an array of issues that inhibit your daily      operations.  Organized cable will add value to your business and the property it is installed in.

As cable technicians, we follow a best practices protocol.  Any standard “drop” includes two cables, 1 single-gang two-port faceplate, and two terminations on each end of the cable.  The two cables are a standard practice for us.  Typically used for data and voice and color coded accordingly.  We do however, cater to any specific requirements.  

Prospective clients.  Please be aware that some landlords have subsidized allowance for your cabling, and some do not.  These costs can be negotiated for new move ins.  If you require an estimate for such purposes, we are available free of charge.