Perhaps you’ve come across one or more of the following situations:

  • The long-term investment you made 5+ years ago with your telecom salesperson has been hit by lightning and is now malfunctioning.
  • You’ve hired on a new employee and need to provide a new seat for them
  • Your voicemail needs to be configured
  • A John Doe technician came to modify your phone system but wound up damaging your 66-block wiring

Nothing is worse than having the lifeline of your business culled out by some disaster.  Even worse, the skill set which was readily available to your business only a few years ago, is now a rare sight. 

Whether you have NORTEL, Panasonic, or Avaya.  We can help.  With a cumulative 30 years of experience in the telecom industry.  Simply giving us a phone call and scheduling a same-day visit is all you’ll need to getting back online and making sales again.


Copper is becoming less and less available for cities, which in turn means less and less landlines.  Even so, some of us are still using older outmoded copper telephone systems with retrofit appliances provided by their ISP.  This no longer considered a landline.  In fact, this is a digital to analog appliance.  Only adding an additional point of failure in your telephone system and keeping your business in the stone age.  With the added detail of keeping your costs the same as a VoIP system without the functionality.  Voice over IP modernizes your business with features like hold music, multi-site transfer, and much more.

  • Business isn’t limited to the office anymore.
    • Take business calls on the go with Jive’s mobile app using your work number.
    • Host regular virtual team meetings or launch a meeting on the fly using your personal meeting room.
    • Easily switch from a phone call to face-to-face meetings by launching your meetings from Jive Web.
  • Make every member of your business accessible.
    • Never miss a call with customizable routing rules for yourself or your team.
    • Get automated meeting transcriptions so you can focus on what’s being said.
    • Take calls or join a meeting from your desk, laptop, or mobile device.
  • The enterprise-grade tools you need to grow your business—without the price tag you don’t.
    • Improve customer engagement with screen sharing and meeting tools.
    • Get unlimited access to over 80 business grade communications features for one simple price.
    • Create a professional feel for your business with Jive’s visual dial plan editor and GoToMeeting

Change the culture.  Change the way your business communicates.  

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Radio over IP is a secured transmission protocol used for encrypted private communication.  Used by private and public sector entities in a variety of applications.  It has one function and it does it very well.  Private and secured communication for long and short distances.  No longer are the days where your fleet will rely on large antennas and heavy equipment. Communicate with all your teams across the world reliably and effectively.

The backbone which is responsible for maintaining these devices is what we build for you.  Additionally, we offer a variety of communication terminals and handsets.  Please see below.


We’ve seen odd solutions to wireless. From fragmented and conflicting networks to multiple residential routers installed in multiple locations.  Or multiple wireless SSID’s created by “extenders”. 

As you probably have experienced, this is problematic.  What you probably don’t know, is how unsecure this is.  Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a large company to operate like one. 

Explore your options with us. 



These small form factor devices typically known as “A.P.’s” (link to details).  Are a great approach to providing your business with easy wireless network access without the hassle.  No more fiddling around and jumping from network to network or managing multiple wireless broadcasts.  With access points, hops enable any end user to travel through your business without the fuss.  With up to 500 megabytes a second per node and in combination with mesh technology.  These devices create a larger bandwidth pipe for all your end users, measures and provides metrics, and allows better oversight or control.



Suppose you have an office building and on the same property or very close proximity, you had another building.  Suppose you’ve explored the cost of subterranean or areal fiber and discovered it cost prohibitive.  With point-to-point (link to details) devices you can explore distances up to 10 kilometers or 6.2 miles. 



Fleet vehicles, mobile internet, asset tracking, long and short distance communication. We’re fully equipped to handle and vend tailored solutions for your fleet and the people who run them.  With clientele in the food truck industry to the actual trucking industry and a combined 30 years of industry experience. Things like employee training, licensing, or endless meetings with salespeople can be a thing of the past.

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